Cognitive Development

This section includes:

– Discussion questions for social, emotional, and cognitive development

– Spotlight on the resourceful, non-violent strategies employed by the characters in response to Ooga Booga when he tries to take something that doesn’t belong to him

The Boy with the Truck


What is a grassy PLAIN?

Is it like an airPLANE?

What is MUCK?

Do you like to play in the MUCK?

Social/ Emotional & Problem Solving:

How does Ooga Booga feel when he thinks of having the toy truck?

How else might he get the truck without taking it from the boy?

How does the boy with the truck get away from Ooga Booga?

What would you do if someone tried to take the truck from you?

How does the boy with the truck feel when he finally gets “some peace at last”?

What do you do to feel peaceful?

Resourceful, non-violent strategy:

Hide! The boy with the truck knew he could hide in the grass and Ooga Booga wouldn’t see him.

The Octopus Boys


What is a POTION?

What does the octo-POTION do?

What does REMOTE mean to Ooga Booga?

Is it like the REMOTE control for your TV?

What is DOOM?

Can you make a “loud voice of DOOM” while you sing so Ooga Booga will hear you over the sound of the waves?

What does it mean that the monster no longer LURKED?

Can you find the picture of Ooga Booga LURKing?

Social/ Emotional & Problem Solving:

Why might Ooga Booga want the Octo-potion?

How does Ooga Booga feel about swimming? Why?

How do the octopus boys get Ooga Booga to give them space?

Would you help Ooga Booga get off the island? Why/ how?

Resourceful, non-violent strategy:

Compromise! The octopus boys were not willing to give Ooga Booga their octo-potion, but they gave him their boat so he could get off the island.

The Dragon


What is SCALY?

Do you know of any animals that are SCALY like the dragon?

What is GRIM?

Can you make a GRIM face?

What is GALE?

What made the GALE for the princess and the knight?

Social/ Emotional & Problem Solving:

How do the princess and the knight feel when they first spot the monster making sounds?

How does Ooga Booga feel when he thinks about the dragon?

Who do you think the dragon wants to fly with? Why?

What is Ooga Booga doing when he “shouts ill intent”?

How do the princess and the knight react to Ooga Booga shouting?

What can you do if someone says something that you don’t like?

Resourceful, non-violent strategy:

Run away! The princess and the knight ran to their dragon and flew away from Ooga Booga.